Special offer for small businesses

Special offer for small businesses

We are all in this together

As the COVID-19 outbreak unfolds, we know these are challenging times for you and your business. Webmendi stands ready to support entrepreneurs like you through to a more stable period.

COVID-19 is affecting all of us in unprecedented ways. We are all being challenged – it’s our current reality. While the physical and mental health of our families, friends and communities remain the primary focus, we all see the deteriorating effect of the pandemic on our economies.

Being a freelancer-collective, our team worked remotely even before the outbreak, thus our operations were not affected significantly. In order to better serve the increased need for assistance to our client companies, most of which have been gravely affected, we have increased our remote access infrastructure resources to support the transition of many clients to remote work status.

We understand that most small businesses are in a very different situation – about restaurants and cafes, boutiques and stores, hotels and B&Bs. However long the COVID-19 pandemic lasts, it’s clear that many businesses will need to adjust to a new reality in which millions of people are self-isolating at home. As long as brick-and-mortar businesses remain closed, those people will need to rely on e-commerce in order to obtain many of their supplies.

One way we can offer assistance to all small businesses is through flexible plans, allowing to establish a digital presence in order to reach your customers.

  • No upfront payments 
  • Choose to pay in installments
  • Free support in promoting your e-commerce store

If you were ever thinking about launching an e-commerce store, this is the time to act. Click the button below to drop us a message, or email us at info@webmendi.com.

In the middle of difficulty, lied opportunity! Stay strong and healthy.