Web sites for restaurants and cafés

Web-sites for restaurants and cafés

You own your restaurant or café? Your chorba, fitchy, checkdirme or shoupra are well known in the city for their delicious taste and flavor? Why don’t you share this advantage with everyone. The website of a restaurant or café plays an important role in its marketing mix. It is mainly used as a promotional tool especially when people hardly get time to visit places directly and rely more on the online information provided. It is well known that a web site can excel sales of restaurants for about 32% in average. The well known Haciarifbe’y restaurant increased its sales for more than 46% right after launching a web-site. Impressed, aren’t you?

Let us have a look on how exactly a web-site can promote your restaurant or café:

  • Keep in mind that it is the first impression that worth. Easily add important information, food menus and more.
  • Add further credibility by adding images or connecting to social media.
  • Upload photos of your best dishes.
  • Make announcements on upcoming events.
  • Place customer feedback page to know what your clients think of you, your kitchen and the atmosphere in your restaurant or café.


Web-sites for restaurants and cafés



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