Web sites for hotels and resorts

Web-sites for hotels and resorts

A web-site is one of the single most important marketing tools that you can have. Reach a broader markets - via the internet. Market outside of your area by being online. Customers are planning trips via the internet more than ever. They are looking up information on hotels to find the best place to stay. Travelers will most probably select a hotel that they can get a lot of information about and see pictures of.
Tourists are constantly looking for an edge, something that reflects digital innovation from hotel brands. Some years ago this meant having a website and a basic booking engine. But satisfying your guests’ basic needs will no longer pave the way to success. Nowadays this means reaching for the device in your customer’s pocket.
Here are several reasons why hotels and resorts need web-sites:

  • The byproduct of increased reservations and reduced commissions is increased profit. Creating more revenue for your hotel through your web-site will add to your bottom line. Every hotel owner likes to reduce costs where possible. That is why the reduction in commissions is a key benefit to having your own web site.
  • Online bookings are on the rise. Because of this, you need to have as much presence online as possible. With your web-site, you will be able to capture extra business that you would might not have if you weren't online.
  • Reservations made via your own web-site will not be subject to commission since there is no travel agent involved - basically your eliminating the middleman. Your web-site can pay for itself just in the savings from commissions!
  • Your competitors are more than likely to have their own web-site. That is why it's vital that your hotel offer this sort of “amenity” for prospective guests.
  • All hotels are different. Some are airport properties catering to corporate clientele, why others are near amusement parks and attractions catering to leisure travelers. Whatever the case may be your standard brand web-sites do not take this into account. All the hotels in your brand share the same "generic" web-site look.


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